Aluminium is a silver-white, soft and ductile metal typically extracted from Bauxite ore. It is strong, lightweight, and flexible. Aluminium is the third most abundant element after oxygen and silicon.

Aluminium Production

Thailand does not directly produce any alumunium from upstream sources (e.g., extraction from Bauxite). Instead, aluminium scrap is recycled into useable aluminium.

Advantages and Features of Aluminium

  • - Light weight with a high load capacity.
  • - Malleable with high tensile strength, high fracture and brittle tolerance, and strong structure formability.
  • - Non-corrosive and non-toxic.
  • - Good formability, allowing for a wide-range of shapes and applications.

Classification of Aluminium Alloys by The United States Aluminum Association.

The grade of alloy is designated by a four digit number based on chemical composition and the major alloying element.

Symbols showing the groups of formed Aluminum

  • - 1xxx series refer to Aluminium with a purity of not less than 99.00%, generally used for electrical conductors, electrical wires, and reflectors.
  • - 2xxx series refer to Alumium / Copper alloys, generally used for work with heat such as pistons for vehicle engines, coupling parts in the automotive industry, and parts for electric trains.
  • - 3xxx series refer to Aluminium / Manganese alloys, which have moderate strength with good corrosion resistance, good formabilityApplications include usage for molding plate in printing and aluminium can.
  • - 4xxx series refer to Aluminium / Silicon alloys, which have high corrosion resistance with high strength and are generally used for cylinders, piston rods, engines, parts in engine casing, welding wire, and scroll compressor
  • - 5xxx series refers to Aluminium / Magnesium alloys, suitable for beverage can opening, products exposed to marine environments and automotive parts, building structures, and bridges.
  • - 6xxx series refers to Aluminium with Magnesium and Silicon mixture alloys. With the mixture of Magnesium content 0.6-1.2%,Silicon contents 0.4-1.3%, and additions of Chromium or Copper in order to enhance the higher strength of alumiumium, alloy 6xxx series have good formability, good corrosion resistance, and weldability, allowing for application in architectural and automotive industries.
  • - 7xxx series refers to Aluminium-Zinc mixture cast alloys, the highest strength aluminium alloys. These alloys are predominantly used in high performance applications such as aircraft structure components and aerospace.

Thai Metal Alumiumium Co., Ltd., sources the highest-quality raw materials from around the world in order to produce high quality aluminium billet.  Currently, our in-house casting is able to produce alloy series 1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx, or to a customer’s specific requirement.

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