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Renewable Energy Product

Thai Metal Aluminium provides extruded aluminum profile parts for solar panels and solar mounting structures. Our capability of extruding are various shapes that fully complies with the specified requirements.
Thai Metal has extensive experience in producing aluminum profiles for leading customers. We export solar frame parts to prominent countries, including Japan and the United States, and etc. Variety of cross-sections and surface finishing cater to various condition, such as accommodating different climates, geographies, and terrains; including wetlands, extremely dry areas, and on building structures. Thai Metal also manufactures structural components for other renewable energy products part, such as wind turbine. 
Solar Panel on Building Structure
Solar Mounting Structures on Heavy Snow Load

Extruded Aluminium Part in Solar Panel and Solar Mounting Structures

  • Aluminum Rails: Extruded aluminum rails are a fundamental component of solar mounting structures. They provide a framework for attaching and supporting solar panels. These rails are often designed with channels or slots for easy installation and adjustment of mounting hardware.

  • Mounting Brackets and Clamps: Extruded aluminum brackets and clamps (mid clamp, end clamp) are used to secure solar panels to the aluminum rails. These components are designed to hold the panels securely in place while minimizing the risk of damage to the panels’ frames.

  • Tilt Legs: For solar installations that require adjustable tilt angles to optimize solar panel orientation, extruded aluminum tilt legs are used. These components can be easily adjusted to change the angle at which the panels are mounted.

  • Cross-Braces and Support Bars: In larger or ground-mounted solar arrays, extruded aluminum cross-braces and support bars are often employed to add structural reinforcement to the system. These components help distribute the weight of the panels and withstand wind loads.

Why Thai Metal Aluminium?

  • Meet quality requirements and standards.
    – Our intensive process control, TIS, EN, DIN, ASTM, JIS, ensure product quality. ensure product quality.
    100% quality inspection from QA & QC team.

  • Commitment to give the best service
    – We are committed to on time delivery with accuracy and completeness.
    Fast responsive with the best possible solution.

  • Full of experiences
    – Over 40 years of producing aluminium part, including rail and component of solar panel and ground mounting structure for customer in USA, Europe, and Asia.
    – We collaborate with our customers to co-design the product by customize aluminum profiles and pre-installed components, reducing the difficulty of solar panel installation.

  • Safety and environmentally friendly in our DNA
    – Help support reduction of GHG emission by using our “Thai Metal Green Billet” which reducing emissions by more than 60% (Compared to aluminum produced by coal energy).
    – We are the first certified aluminium extruder in Thailand for Carbon Footprint Organization (CFO) & Carbon Footprint Product (CFP) by Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO).
    We are the first aluminium extruder in Thailand using non-carcinogenic throughout the whole process.

  • End-to-end solution for all inquiries.
    – Thai Metal Aluminium provide variety of alloy series that suitable for making solar panel and ground mounting structure such as 6005AT6 and 6063T6. These series can withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as strong winds, heavy snow loads, and UV radiation, thereby extending the service life of the installed solar panels.
    A single-part with a knock-down system is offered to reduce shipping costs, expedite installation, and provide flexibility in design.

  • Traceability System
    – Traceability from barcode system enable prompt response and find root cause to solve difficulty.