Extrusion Dies

Design and Manufacture of an Extrusion Dies for Aluminium Profiles (EXTRUSION DIES)

THAI METAL ALUMINIUM Co., Ltd. utilizes process-intensive systems as part of our in-house production standard operations. We use CAD/CAM/CAE programs to simulate 3D virtualization design and our technological expertise in machining and tooling allow us to customize and accelerate extrusion dies in a wide array and sizes of profiles with high degree of accuracy. Extrusion dies are made of high quality, premium steel, whose strength, durability, and flexibility with stand the extreme pressure and heat of the extrusion forces. We carefully monitor, inspect, check, and measure all dimensional tolerances of the finished dies to prevent premature failure during the extrusion process. After the dies are produced, they are systematically honed, cleaned, and quality-controlled before being properly stored, ready for the next step.

Wire Cut Machine

EDM Machine

Raw steel lathe machine

Drilling Machine (Super Drill  CMM Machine)

CMM Machine เครื่องมือตรวจสอบค่าความแม่นยำในแต่ละจุด หลังจากการขึ้นรูปแม่พิมพ์

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