Color-Powder Coating

The transportation of the work pieces to the automatic color-powder coating process

THAI METAL ALUMINUM Co., Ltd. is the leader in automatic vertical color-powder coating in Thailand, which is completely different from the more common horizontal powder coating. We can accommodate pieces with a size of up to 7.2 m in length and 60-80 microns in thickness. Color is heated to 200 degrees Celsius to allow the bonding of the color’s molecules to the surface of the aluminium, preventing peeling or cracking of color and to be rustproof and resistant to the climate, sunlight, UV rays, saltwater, and humidity. Our color-powder coated aluminium is produced with consistent quality, smooth color throughout and long-lasting color with up to a 25-year warranty.

Non-carcinogenic aluminium

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States has classified Chrome 6 to be carcinogenic, highly toxic to the skin and respiratory tract and causing irritation, asthma, and lung damage. Thai Metal Aluminium Co., Ltd. does not use any Chrome 6. Instead, for improving durability of color adhesion to aluminium, it uses NON-Chrome substance. We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and community, as well as with our impact on the environment.

Automatic vertical color-powder coating

THAI METAL ALUMINUM Co., Ltd. has been certified as an Approved Applicator based on the standard test of American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) for the manufacturing process and tested quality of color-powder coated aluminium.

AAMA is the worldwide quality control standard used among paint manufacturers, architects, engineers, and consumers, based on the quality assurance framework certified by color-powder manufacturers (

Certificate of Approved Applicator from Paint Manufacturer

Testing based on the Standards of Color-Powder Coating

Testing Process Reference Standards
Adhesion Test ASTM D3359
Color Hardness Test ASTM D3363
Color Elasticity Test ASTM D522
Impact Test, Adhesion Test ASTM D2794
Film Thickness Measurement ASTM D1400
Color Gloss Test ASTM D523
Different Shades of Color AAMA 2603
Corrosion Resistance; Humidity Resistance * ASTM D 2247 , ASTM D 4585
Corrosion Resistance; Salt Spray Resistance * ASTM B 117 , ASTM D 1654

*This is a random testing, not for every lot of production.

Adhesion Test

Film Thickness Measurement

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