Aluminium Extrusion Process

Aluminium Extrusion Process

Our 7 high technology extrusion machine presses have the capability to cover billet dimension ranges of 4.5”, 5”, 7” and 10”, allowing us to manufacture a wide variety of aluminum profiles. We can produce profiles with a weight range of 100 grams to 30 kilograms per meter, a cross-section circumference range of 10mm to 300mm, and a profile thickness range of 0.60mm to 100mm. Our engineered, rapid cooling system together with our advanced automatic handling system enables us to produce high quality aluminium profiles that meet our customers’ requirements for many applications in various industries.

Our extrusion machine from UBE is considered the world’s bestWe also utilize modern machinery at every step of the aluminium extrusion process, including quenching system, measuring and cutting with Flying Cut Saw, and a conveyor system with an automatic basket.   This advanced machinery allows greater accuracy, reduceds production times, and provides ideal production conditions.  save time and production costs.

Stumping and pushing Billet into the extrusion Press

Measuring and cutting the work pieces with Flying Cut Saw

The automatic conveyor basket system

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